Childcare grants

MANA sponsors childcare grants to any MANA event for up to $500 per awardee.

Such grants are also available for online events !

- You must attend the conference and present your work in order to receive your award.
- The award can be used for any childcare-related costs directly attributable to your attendance at MANA, including child or partner travel costs, as well as the cost of childcare providers related to your travel to the conference, whether in Atlanta or in your hometown.
- You will need to provide receipts for your costs in order to be reimbursed.  We will reimburse your actual costs, up to $500.  We understand that some childcare situations may not have a paper trail (e.g., cash payments to in-home childcare providers); in this case, we ask you to submit a document attesting to those expenses that cannot be otherwise documented.
- We would appreciate it if in your acknowledgements section (whether slide or poster presentation), you would acknowledge the MANA Childcare Grant program, so that we can publicize our efforts to support scientists with families. However, we do realize that this is a somewhat personal issue, so if you choose not to acknowledge this program, we understand and respect that preference.


Travel grants : go to  MANA 2021  -- and join other MANA events !

We will provide at least 20 travel grants for early career scientists to join MANA 2021 and at least 10 travel grants for other MANA events.

For 2020 --- we did not have any in-person events, so there were no travel grants.

We congratulate 32 travel award winnners 2018-2019

MANA annual conference, November 15-17, 2019

Chatthuri Mohottige / Gayatri Iyer / Marc McCann / Yunjin Wang / Jiangjiang Zhu / Shama Naz / Casey Chamberlain / Clayton Kranawetter / Rachel Kelly / Dania Malik / Sarah Gisewhite / Mario Uchimiya / Hani Habra / Huan Jin /  David Crizer / Kia Adams / Robert Stanley / Oana Zeleznik / Jacob Kempa / Shyamchan Mayengbam

MANA Summer Symposium, September 04, 2019

Presha Rajbhandari / Isin Tuna  Sakallioglu / Manoj  Khadka / Guddadarangavva Jayaprakasha / Daniel Lin / Hansani  Karunarathne / Suh Joonhyuk

Metabolomics Society conference 2018 , Seattle / WA

Jun Zhou / Sandi Azab / Mai Yamamoto / Jeremey Winders / Jacquelyn Walejko


Fulbright Program

The Fulbright Program offers a variety of postdoctoral and early career awards  for recently graduated PhDs scholars. These awards are open to American scholars who have recently completed their doctoral degrees, typically within the last five years.

Call for sponsors

As MANA is a very young association, we heavily rely on support by our institutional, individual and corporate members. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor further travel grants!

Congratulations to the first group of MANA awardees: Jeremey Winders (Mississipi State U, USA),  Sandi Azab (McMaster U, Canada), Jacquelyn Walejko (U Florida, USA) , Mai Yamamoto (McMaster U, Canada), and Jun Zhou (U Georgia, USA)!

Metabolomics Society conference, Seattle / WA, June 2018