2nd annual MANA conference - MANA 2020

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September 14-16, 2020 

University of Michigan hosted the 2nd annual MANA conference  a virtual event. The conference discussed science from a range of keynote speakers, interactive workshops, surveys, oral sessions and two interactive zoom poster sessions.

For the agenda, see conference website

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MANA Summer Symposium 2020 __ Biological interpretation of datasets

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September 04, 2020    UC Davis, CA

recordings now availabe at MANA resources


Current metabolomics datasets may have > 1,000 identified metabolites, plus unknowns. How do we interpret such data in a biological context, beyond statistics? How do we integrate genomic or proteomic data, how do we construct and use metabolic models? How do we best map differences in lipidomic data that lack biochemical pathways.